Commitment to Care

Quality human service through effective common sense operations.

S3 is a family value organization, committed to building human service through professional trust and individual accountability. We are dedicated to developing effective security and guest operations that empower our staff to provide service solutions. S3 motivates working staff to provide consistent professional service. Our mission is to be your service partner, the people that you trust with your safety. We are Safety Service Systems. Our partners call us S3, the next generation in quality human service.

The Network Approach

Management is a science and the basic equation must be sound for a business to succeed. The Network Approach is our business plan, a management system specifically designed to provide Quality Care human service. The equation combines innovative management systems, integrating field and office operations with crossing levels of product supervision, structured communications and proactive team development. In many ways, The Network Approach resembles a scientific model, each element of service is dependent upon the support of others. This simple concept allows us to create consistent operations that network well with other

Product Focus

No facility or client need is ever exactly the same. Too often though, the service provided may not fit the need. What separates Safety Service Systems from other companies is our product orientation, making human service a tangible commodity. We are not a guard service or usher company renting bodies. At S3, we strive to think outside the box to develop innovative service solutions. We have extensive experience working with major corporations, small businesses, civic organizations and individual clients to implement structured service that is customized to meet specific needs.