About Us

Incorporated in 1996, S3: Safety Service Systems, Inc. specializes in event security, crowd security, security management and guest services. Safety Service Systems Security, Inc. provides industrial, residential, office and retail security. We provide a comprehensive array of security operations, specifically tailored to your company or venue requirements.

Service Diversity

No facility or client need is ever exactly the same. Too often, a predetermined service may not fit your needs. What separates Safety Service Systems from other companies is our ability to customize the program to your requirements. We are not simply a guard service or usher company providing bodies. At S3, we work directly with you, thinking outside the box when necessary, to develop innovative safety solutions. We have extensive experience working with major corporations, small businesses, civic organizations, and individual clients. You can be sure that S3 will be able to provide exactly the right security regardless of how unique or challenging the project may be.