We are often asked, “What exactly does S3 do?” It is a challenging question, because the best possible answer is another question: “What service do you need?” We can provide professional analysis, build the operating plan, implement the service system and provide professional contact operations.

S3 is an industry leader in the design, development and implementation of custom built security solutions.

Project Direction
S3 specializes in building comprehensive security and service solutions, providing management services, strategic planning, systems development and implementation.

Asset Protection
S3 provides corporate security, executive protection and risk management, specializing in the development of custom protection programs, security planning, and continuing support.

Security Operations
S3 offers a full range of facility security, asset protection, safety management, armed and uniform guard security.

Loss Prevention
S3 offers comprehensive retail security operations including strategic planning, prevention management, undercover security, retail investigations and reporting systems.

Property Security
S3 works with property management, tenants and service providers to customize security operations to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Event Management
S3 expertise runs deep in events. From a black tie dinner to major sports, rock n’ roll and festival events, we provide veteran direction and integrated staffing.

Support Systems
S3 offers a full range of services designed to meet every event need, including production support, audience management, box office, parking and guest services.

Usher Operations
S3 has extensive experience in providing ticket taking and guest service operations, with the largest contract service workforce in the Chicago area.

Network Approach
S3 specializes in helping clients find the best solutions to their security and service needs using a network approach. This means that every operation is based on the structure of its smallest unit, building a network of interdependent units with a common focus. Systems, direction, management, leadership and care are all addressed by our experienced team.

Operating Systems
S3 offers a variety of support systems including metal detectors, parking equipment, event credentials, work ID’s, staff training formats and a variety of event reporting options.