Since 2005, S3 Provides Safety and Security for 240,000 Music Fans at Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Chicago Thousands Watch Obama’s Victory in the 2008 Presidential Election at Grant Park in Downtown Chicago Since 1996 S3 has provided ushering and locker room security services to the Chicago Bears NFL Football Team S3 Provided Security and Event Operations for the 100th & 105th Harley Davidson Birthday Celebrations in Milwaukee Safety Service Systems Provides Security & Ushering Services to the Maui Invitational


Incorporated in 1996, S3: Safety Service Systems, Inc. specializes in event security, crowd security, security management and guest services. Safety Service Systems Security, Inc. provides industrial, residential, office and retail security. We provide a comprehensive array of security operations, specifically tailored to your company or venue requirements.

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No facility or client need is ever exactly the same. Too often though, the service provided may not fit the need. What separates Safety Service Systems from other companies is our product orientation, making human service a tangible commodity. We are not a guard service or usher company renting bodies. At S3, we strive to think outside the box to develop innovative service solutions.

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Though many competitors were forced to tighten their belts, Safety Service Systems found success by shifting its business model to essentially create its own event opportunities.

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